IC FI*Mimosan Remix Edition
 aka Sofie,  PER f, born 09.07.2016

Multi BIS winner

Thank you a million times, dear Veikko, for this outstanding girl, with the beautiful expression, wonderful eyecolour, sparkling red and black colors, and most of all hear amazingly polished head. She also has a temper to die for. She is a dream

GIC Redfire Night Wish,
 aka Veslemøy, PER n, born 04.06.2012
Tested NEG by DNA for PKD by UC Davis

Multi BIS winner

COY no: 7 in 2015 with very limited showing.

Thank you for ever, my friend Hugo at Redfire,  for this stunning dream girl, i love her, she has such a fantastic temper too in additon to her wonderful look and pedigree.

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