My name is Tove Mordal and am married to the love of my life Ørjan Tollaksen. I have two wonderful children, Christian and Alexandra born in 1991 and 1993. They are my ultimate pride.

I bought my first persian when I was only thirteen years old. She was black and did quit well at several shows. 

I started with persians in 1975, my cattery name was approved in 1977 and in 1979 I had a litter on my black persian girl. She got 5 kitten, two white males, 1 black male, 1 white female and 1 black female. A beautiful litter.Her name was Ch Borje's Lotty and she was mated with a beautiful white male, Sebastian, owned by my very good friend and mentor Bjørg Ordermann who sadly has passed over the rainbow bridge.

At this time we have one male, two females and one neuter male :  Of course all our cats are tested negative by DNA for PKD.

Now in 2019 we got a new boy, born in october 2018. Yet another gift from my fantastic husband. Our super super black pure persian boy from two fantastic people in Italy, Franco Ballari and Tatiana Motolese, this boy is to die for, a dream come true, BW19´MW19 IT*Welcome Diabolik JW. He is build like a bulldog,, equally square all around, but with the sweetest face ever, fantastic eyecolour, beautiful round eyes, small ears and the temper, it is just fantastic. At the age of 6 months he had a body and head as an adult could envy him. This is a once in a lifetime male, and I am over the moon and so grateful for him. I hope that some day we can return this favour to you to as well. Hopefully we can make some wonderful dreams from him when he is ready, right??

A beautiful little tortiegirl, imported from Finland late 2016,  
GIC FI*Mimosan Remix Edition. She has a head to die for, beautiful expression, sparkling red and black colors, and a short and cobby body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Veikko Saarela, for letting her come and rule our lives. She is a doll, and so much fun.

  A black girl named:  SC Redfire Night Wish, PER n,  imported from Portugal in 2012. A super nice girl with an exiting pedigree. Thank you so much, dear Hugo Pedro for entrusting me with this doll.
Thank you so much to my husband too for this black little doll, a birthday gift from my love.

And finally the boy from (N)Du Monet cattery here in Norway:
SW12’14 SC (N)Du Monet Prince of Persia JW DSM, PER e, a magnificent creme male I saw as a kitten, but could not take, due to having a boy at home already, so sad. But then my dear friend, Jannikke, told me that I could have him when he was an adult. He had then become JW, SW-winner as a youngster and again as adult in 2014 and made a beautyful litter of 3. My dream came true. Thank you from all my heart, my dear friend. He is the kindest and sweetest gift you can imagine. Just peace and love. Now he will be living as a neuter boy, having the easy going life, that he loves.

I have had two litters in 2016, on our black girl. The dream for now is to have kittens on both my girls with my new italian boy. I think these kitten will be amazing.

Our new black boy is a gift from my dear husband. The black girl is a wonderful gift from my husband. And the tortie girl is a gift to my self, lol. The cream boy was offered us when I needed a boy at the most. A really wonderful boy. Not making many litter and now he will become a neuter boy enjoying his retirement and easy going life. Love them all, they have super lovely qualities all of them as well as my new super stunning male. My neuter is also such a gorgeous boy. We love all our precious furballs so much.

Thank you for stopping by our website. I hope you enjoy the tour.